Ideology and the constitution

Published 10:26 am Thursday, September 3, 2015


Reverend Fillmer Hevener’s article ���Oligarchy in sight” (published Aug. 12) reminds me of the commercial where some skiers take off in a helicopter only to be horrified when the person behind the controls admits he isn’t the pilot but someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Rev. Hevener would like you to believe he is some sort of constitutional scholar in his criticisms of the Supreme Court decisions. However, he just shows us that all he’s done is stay at a hotel.  His dislike of the decisions is not based upon constitutional law but on his own political ideology.   Rev. Hevener’s position can be summed up as “I want a strict interpretation of the constitution, except where it applies to people I don’t like.”

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Contrary to what Rev. Hevener says, abortion is legal under the Ugandan constitution for circumstances that are neither clearly defined nor consistently applied. The Ugandan Anti-homosexual Act Law (now invalid) that Rev. Hevener likes made gay sex a capital crime.

Rev. Hevener’s criticisms of Obamacare read like a Republican talking point list taken from Fox News.

President Obama is guilty of naivety in thinking that medical insurance companies would put patients ahead of profits. However, with 16.4 million newly insured, Obamacare is a success and sure beats the no-system-at-all that conservatives want to return to.

The real oligarchs (plutocrats) we should be afraid of are those like the Koch brothers taking advantage of the Citizens United decision to buy politicians.

James Peca