Cherished days at CHS

Published 9:35 am Thursday, September 3, 2015


Cars pull into the parking lot and there are kids all around. Students and their classmates shuffle off the busses. They walk through the opened doors and are greeted by the familiar sounds of crowded hallways. The school principal Jeff Scales welcomes students back with high fives and fist bumps. As everyone walks down the hallowed halls of Cumberland County High School they hug and say “hi” to friends they haven’t seen in awhile. The bell rings telling everyone to get to class. Students sit down as the announcements blare over the speakers.

The summer has come to an end, and the fall season is soon approaching. Everyone looks forward to the memorable football games, the homecoming dance and even prom, but in the first few moments of the first day of school students can’t help but ponder what this school year will bring. 

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Seniors look forward to graduation, juniors enjoy thoughts of becoming seniors, sophomores are excited to start driving and freshman just want to get through their first year of high school alive.

Every first week is a new beginning; the slates are cleaned. The students are given a chance to do something new, something amazing. Within the first week schedules are adjusted, sports begin, routines are created and all other school preparations take place. “The First Week” is the most important week. Students are not just starting school, they are starting a new chapter in their lives. Time always seems to fly by. Summer comes and goes so quickly they feel like it was just yesterday they were hugging their friends goodbye.

The year goes by just as fast, so those first few days are the ones that are cherished most. These days will stay with the students of Cumberland High for the rest of their lives.

Madaline Johnston is a student at Cumberland County High School.