Buckingham Arrest Report

Published 9:22 am Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 1

• Garland D. Murphy, Sr. (50) of Buckingham, charged with firearm/etc: pointing/brandishing, two counts of violating protective order (violence) second within five years and stalking: reasonable fear of death/assault/etc.

September 3

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• Derrell Glover (25) of Buckingham, charged with cruelty to animals: generally,  monument: intentional damage, value greater than or equal to $1000 and monument; intentional damage, value less than $1000.

• Tasheena Anderson (30) of  Buckingham, charged with strangulation: results in wounding/bodily Injury and assault.

September 4

Colton Moore (23) of Buckingham, charged with drugs: possession of marijuana, first offense.

September 5

• Wilbert Johnson (32) of Richmond, charged with assault and battery-family member, third offense.