‘A’ Game Assembly Series visits Fuqua

Published 10:48 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fuqua School was full of fun and fearlessness on Sept. 9 as the National Guard sponsored the popular action-filled assembly series titled Bring Your A Game.
The assembly featured a variety of daredevil stunts performed as a BMX Ramp Show consisting of young, professional athletes. During one stunt, Head of School John Melton bravely sat in a chair atop the ramp while a BMX rider attempted to jump over him as the crowd looked on in awe.
“This unique opportunity sponsored by the Virginia National Guard offered our students a window into the impressive results that can be achieved through effort and determination,” Melton said. “Whether in the classroom, training for BMX or serving in the armed forces, the core values of commitment and perseverance come into play at every turn, and students who demonstrate these values will be better prepared for college and for the challenges life may present.”
In conjunction with AGA Nation, the National Guard strives to bring important messages at each assembly through the use of action sports. According to AGA Nation, the core A’s of Bring Your A Game to School include alliance, attitude, authentic, ability, active, anti-bullying and achieve.
In addition, featured segments included a focus on wearing protective equipment during sports and the seven core values of the National Guard. These values include duty, respect, selfless service, personal courage, honor, integrity and loyalty.
Fuqua School Director of Communication and Special Events Linda Davis stated, “This assembly was enjoyed by all students K-12.  The National Guard’s core values mirror Fuqua School’s, so it was great re-enforcement for the students to hear.”
The Rise Above BMX team has traveled to a variety of locations all over the country such as Tennessee, California, South Carolina, Texas, New Jersey, as well as Hawaii, Guam and the Virgin Islands. In addition to BMX, AGA Nation offers snowboard, skateboard and wake board productions.
“On behalf of Fuqua School, I want to thank the National Guard and local Guard representative Jonathon Rhew for making this event possible,” Melton said.

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