Where is America’s outcry?

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Upon listening to the news on television in the last few days, I question whether or not Americans have lost their minds.

For example, there is a huge outcry about a hunter doing a despicable act and killing a lion that had become an icon in the region. This is a lion that would kill you and eat you if given the opportunity, and yet this has become a huge outcry across the country, which includes Hollywood of course! I agree that the actions by this hunter were tragic and despicable and he should have to pay for his actions. But I ask, where is the outcry against the legalized killing of over 3,000 innocent babies each day in America? You barely hear a murmur about this.

These are innocent babies that are routinely killed in order to give the mothers a “choice.” The Supreme Court says it is legal and that is that! And now to make it worse, doctors at Planned Parenthood are willing to “preserve” vital parts of the fetus so that they may be sold.  Why must we fund this illegal activity? Where is the outcry?

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We’ve had active duty military personnel killed in Tennessee by a Muslim terrorist sympathizer and our government wants to classify it as “domestic terrorism” and deny these defenders of our freedom the Purple Heart they so richly deserve. Where is the outcry?

The Republicans have had control of both houses of the legislative branch since January, yet nothing of substance has been passed! I realize that our “left-leaning” United States president would veto any meaningful legislation, but at least the Congress should pass something. Where is the outcry?

Our Supreme Court legalizes homosexual marriages even though a majority of Americans feel that this is biblically wrong. This is a ruling by a Supreme Court that includes one openly homosexual member and one so old and decrepit that she is asleep in most of the pictures you see! Where is the outcry?

A horrible crime is committed by a deranged and bitter young man in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and the South Carolina legislature and governor respond by removing the Confederate flag, a flag of immense pride of many Southerners, from the statehouse grounds. This is a flag of the Confederacy that fought a war over states rights, not slavery! This flag had absolutely no connection to this horrible crime, yet South Carolina officials seem to think this will erase all prejudice and wrongdoings of the past. Where is the outcry?

I feel that America needs to get our priorities straight and quit pandering to the views of the vocal few. I feel that:

1. Unborn babies are more important than lions! 

2. American military members and their rights are more important than politics!

3. The beliefs of the majority of Americans are more important than political correctness.

4. The flag of heritage of many Southerners is more important than the views of a few that want it hidden. This flag does not and never should represent racism or prejudice, only Southern heritage.

Rev. Furman Joye  retired to York County, Florida, after serving 20 years in the U.S. Air Force. He moved to James City County, Floyd County and Lancaster, S.C. before settling in Prince Edward. Joye, has served as a supply minister across the area. His email address is furmanjoye@centurylink.net.