The new calendar is good in Buckingham

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Buckingham County School Board did the right and good thing over one year ago when they made the hard decision to drastically change the school year calendar — one that not only affects the students, teachers and parents — but the entire community.

And the entire Buckingham community should be supportive of the new calendar because of what it does for our youth.

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For years and years, the first (fall) semester ended after winter break in Buckingham, meaning that students would have returned to school after a two-week respite to take exams and Standard of Learning tests.

After two weeks of holidays, spending time with family and not being in the classroom, it’s unfair to expect our children to do as well on tests as they could if they were tested before they left for the holidays.

“I really think we could help test scores … You’d have continuity,” District Three Representative and Board Chairman Ed Wise noted in March.

We agree.

Another major change in the calendar, which students, teachers and parents will feel the hit of more so than the latter, is the earlier start and earlier finish of the school year.

The new calendar is in line with Prince Edward and Cumberland’s, which we think makes good sense. Our coverage area’s school calendars now all have school beginning in August and ending in May and the first semester ending before winter break.

This change has been on the horizon for over one year, which gave ample time to students, parents and guardians to plan ahead to be ready.

What’s most important about this new calendar are the opportunities for success it creates for students — not inconvenient short summers or messed up vacation dates.

We’re always excited to see students flourish in Buckingham County.