Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Published 11:31 am Thursday, August 20, 2015

Total calls received: 329

Calls handled by dispatch: 182

Civil papers served: 136

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Criminal papers served: 13

Traffic stops: 15

Calls Received

August 9

• Noise complaint on Seven Eleven Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Scotts Bottom Road.

• Fight in progress on C.G. Woodson Road.

• Property damage on West James Anderson Highway.

• Suspicious Incident on Hawksview Road.

August 10

• Motor vehicle accident on South Constitution Route.

• Prowler on Evans Mill Road.

• Domestic on Watoga Road.

• Welfare check on Bridge Road.

• Nine-one-one hang up on South James River Highway.

• Alarm activation on West James Anderson Highway.

• Tree down on Mt. Rush Highway.

August 11

• Suspicious vehicle on Howardsville Road.

• Tree down on Ca Ira Road.

• Welfare check on Trents Mill Road.

• Hit and run on Troublesome Creek Road.

• Welfare check on West James Anderson Highway.

• Assault on Shelton Store Road.

August 12

• Motor vehicle accident on Gravel Hill Road.

• Prowler on Buffalo Road.

• Suspicious incident on Buckingham Springs Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Main Street.

• Vehicle unlock on Oak Hill Road.

• Welfare check on Old Tower Hill Road.

• Rescue call on Paradise Road.

August 13

• Disturbance on South Constitution Route.

• Transport for Crossroads.

• Stolen mail on Texas School Road.

August 14

• Rescue call on Blinky’s Road.

• Assisted with funeral traffic on Oak Street.

• Trespassing on Oak Street.

• Property dispute on Cartersville Road.

• Child custody dispute on Andersonville Road.

• Child custody dispute on West James Anderson Highway.

• Noise complaint of C.G. Woodson Road.

• Disturbance on Trents Mill Road.

August 15

• Suspicious incident on Main Street.

• Vandalism on Back Mountain Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Johnson Station Road.

• Alarm activation on Mohele Road.

• Noise complaint on Perkins Mill Road.