Area SOL test results mirror state trends

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Across the board, area schools saw improvement in Standards of Learning (SOL) pass rates released by the state Department of Education Tuesday.
Here is an overview:

Prince Edward County
According to state data, the percentage of students proficient or above in reading divisionwide increased five percentage points, writing improved four percentage points, history and social science scores rose two percentage points, math scores jumped 10 percentage points and science rose nine percentage points.
Middle school results across the board showed increases in the all-students category, with science increasing the most at 12 percentage points. At the elementary school level, reading results increased eight points for all students, while math rose by 11 points.
Statistically, high school results remained roughly the same in reading and history and social sciences with 80 percent pass rates or more, science scores rose to a near 80 percent pass rate, but writing dipped 10 points to a 69 percent pass rate.

Buckingham County
Only one subject subgroup saw a decrease in SOL scores last year in Buckingham compared to the previous school year.
The percentage of students proficient or above in the all-students subgroup for science saw a two-point drop divisionwide, while gains were made in reading, writing and math. History and social sciences remained unchanged, compared to the 2013-2014 SOL scores.
The largest gain divisionwide was in writing; the percentage jumped 13 points from the previous year.

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Cumberland County
Cumberland students scored better in reading, writing and math compared to the previous school year.
Among all students, the percentage proficient or above fell in history and science, according to the data. The largest gain was seen in writing, where there was an eight-point increase. The greatest declines were losses of two points in both history and science.

According to a Department of Education press release, student achievement in English, mathematics, history and science statewide “represents significant progress in the commonwealth’s effort to better prepare students for success in college and careers.” The release noted that statewide, students posted five-point overall gains in reading and mathematics, while achievement increased by two points each in writing, science and history.
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