Sluggish response by Smith

Published 2:09 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I am writing to point out a major flaw in Prince Edward County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Smith’s explanation of why a highly qualified applicant for a teacher position was allowed to slip away (“PE Schools Let A Good Math Teacher Get Away, She Says,” Wednesday, July 15).

Dr. Smith’s premise is that the proper procedure to process applications takes a while. The problem with this explanation is that all school systems follow the same procedure, and as the applicant became tired of waiting for Prince Edward’s response and chose to accept a position elsewhere, we have to assume that while other school systems can accomplish processing applicants in a timely manner Prince Edward Public Schools cannot.

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Furthermore, the letter that brought this issue forward states that when the applicant checked on how far her application had been processed, she was told that her paperwork was on the superintendent’s desk.  This would mean that all the necessary procedure had actually been accomplished and all Dr. Smith had to do was review the paperwork presented to him.

It is this sluggish response to procedure and parental concerns that has caused the mass exodus of students out of Prince Edward Public Schools.

Ben Davis