Scam Alert Issued By Police In Farmville

Published 1:52 pm Thursday, July 16, 2015

FARMVILLE — An electric utility scam has targeted Farmville residents recently according to the Farmville Police Department.

“Victims have reported receiving telephone calls from persons claiming to work for Dominion Virginia Power,” stated the release. “The caller threatens disconnection of service for past due accounts if payment is not immediately made.”

Police say the victims are instructed to purchase pre-paid credit cards and to call back with the credit card numbers to pay off their accounts. Dominion does not require immediate payment over the phone and never asks for immediate payment of cash, PayPal, MoneyPak/Green Dot or any prepaid debit card as a prerequisite to keeping lights on.

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Farmville Police reminded citizens that most utility companies never ask for payment over the phone or require payment using a pre-paid credit card. “If behind on a bill, most utility providers will typically set up a payment plan to assist their customers. If you are suspicious of a caller who is requesting money for any reason, collect as much information as possible from the caller and report it immediately to law enforcement or your utility company.”

This is a clarified version of the original brief, revised on Thursday, July 16.