Property Transfers — Prince Edward County

Published 11:51 am Thursday, July 16, 2015

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of June, 2015.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

Due to the number of requests we receive each week, The Herald will omit the price of a property transaction when requested to do so.

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U B Properties Inc., to Orion Investments Inc., 2.88 Ac, Leigh District. $87,000.

Richard Spittle, et al, to Carole L. Gilliam, Lots, Leigh District. $110,000.

Roger G. Lundeen, et al, to Walter W. Marsden, et al, .42 Ac, Prospect District. $125,000.

Frederick T. Pugarelli, Trs, to Longwood Woodland Pond Housing, Unit G, Bldg A, Phase 4, Woodland Pond Condos & Easements, Farmville. $160,000.

Edith O’Brien Baldwin, et al, to Thomas E. O’Brien, et al, 46.330 Ac & 27.91 Ac, Prospect District.

Grace H. Bailey, to Paula W. Gardner, 2.00 Ac, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

Virginia V. Morgan, to Norman Evans, et al, 11.85 Ac, Hampden District. $82,000.

Kathy Anne Johnson Bowles, to Ian McMichael, 0.90 Ac, Lot 13, Milnwood Manor Wooten Ext., Farmville District. $255,000.

Otis S. Bowles, et al, to Otis S. Bowles, et al, 2.356 Ac, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

Ricky Dale Gibbs, Tr, to Ricky Dale Gibbs, Lots, Lockett District.

Marie Danby Blanton, to Judith A. Phelan, Lots, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

Calvary Tabernacle UPC, Inc., to Brandon Rockwell, Trs, Lots, Lockett District.

Alfred C. Quinlan, et al, to Rylan S. Rodgers, 7.99 Ac, Leigh District. $24,950.

Magdi Ahmed Salah Eldin Abbas, to Magdi Ahmed Salah Eldin Abbas, 0.84 Ac, Lot 32H, Milnwood Manor Ext. IV, Farmville District.

Farmville TOO, LLC, to COP Farmville, LLC, 3.119 Ac, Farmville. $150,000.

Joseph Ierardi, et al, to Ernest G. Nachtigal, et al, 1.50 Ac, Lot 8, Sect. I, Douglas Acres Sub., Hampden District. $25,000.

James L. Corbett, et al, to Michael S. Ollie, 6.31 Ac, Lockett District. $227,000.

Harry L. Samuels Jr., et al, to Charles R.B. Bristol, 1.0 Ac, Prospect District. $48,000.

The Town of Farmville, to Mack H. Robinson Jr., Part of Alley, Farmville.

The Town of Farmville, to Lisha Gilliam, Part of Alley, Farmville.

John Berrios, et al, to Teofilo Zayas Jr., et al, 2.50 Ac, Lot 2, North Spring Sub., Buffalo District. Gift Deed.

Opal J. Ball, et al, to Jeno Daniel Ball, 8.81 Ac, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

Peggy Joann Owens, to Mary D. Owens, 4.489 Ac, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

Rose Virginia Adams, to Roxie Jackson, 20 Ac, Lockett District.

Frank Archer, et al, to John Howard Melton, et al, 0.916 Ac, Hampden District. $269,000.

Josh R. Beard, et al, to William G. Watson, et al, 3.63 Ac, Lot 2, Epps Sub., Lockett District. $181,500.

Trevor Garner, et al, to Joan L. Neff, Lot 9, Farmville. $232,500.

Emma Saunders-Reid, et al, to James L. Whitlock, 2/9 interest in 2.2 Ac, Farmville District. $7,500.

Nelson H. Straley, to David M. Straley, 9.01 Ac, Lot 18, Hatters Creek Estate, Sect. B. Leigh District. Gift Deed.

Willie Lee Reid, et al, to James L. Whitlock, Tr, 2.2 Ac, Farmville District. $1,800.

Delores A. Underwood, to Sheila M. Roper, et al, Lots, Prospect District. $36,000.

Branch Banking and Trust Company, to Justine A. Young, 1.00 Ac, Prospect District. $40,000.

Judith A. Phelan, to Oscar David Coates, et al, Lots, Prospect District. $185,000.

John H. Lowe, to William Lowe, 2.86 Ac, 2.00 Ac, Farmville District. Gift Deed.

Marvin Gaye Reid, et al, to James L. Whitlock, 2.2 Ac, Parcel A, Farmville District. $1,200.

Joe P. Irving Sr., et al, to L.L. Irving Jr., Lots, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

L.L. Irving Jr., et al, to Joe P. Irving Sr., Lots, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

Robert C. Stephens Jr., to Brittnie M. Callaway, 2.00 Ac, Leigh District. $62,500.

Geneva L. Elder, to Geneva L. Elder, et al, Lot, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

K. Darlene Bratcher, et al, to Cheryl Whirley, Lot, Farmville. $115,000.

Charles Franklin Lane Jr., et al, to Vicki L. Fulcher, Lots, Farmville District. $92,000.

Joseph M. DeGrace, to Matthew J. Phillips, 5.16 Ac, Leigh District. $92,000.

K&A Trustee Services, LLC, to The Manor Golf Course LLC, Lots, Farmville District & Easements. $600,000.

Barbara Vilas Martin, et al, to Sterling Investments, LLC, 26.57 Ac, Farmville District. $57,000.

Bill W. Johnson, to Bill W. Johnson, et al, Lots, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

Georgianna Wells, by Atty, to Troy Wells, et al, 3.06 Ac, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

Tamara S. Fulton, to James D. Satterwhite Sr., 2.05 Ac, Prospect District. $75,000.

JC First, LLC, to Michael W. Yeatts, 1.524 Ac, Lockett District. $39,000.

Hazel B. Burley, Sub Tr, to James L. Whitlock, Lot 21, 3.06 Ac, Hampden District. $4,200.

Thomas Wayne Davis, to Oak Road Properties, LLC, 3.00 Ac, Hampden District & Easement. $65,000.

Robert E. Raymond Sr., et al, to Tammy Marie Cottrell, 1.23 Ac, Farmville District. $105,000.

Michael Digeronimo Jr., et al, to Double J, LLC, Lots, Prospect District.

Garris R. Johnson, Tr, to Panda Buzz Three, LLC, Lots, Farmville. $475,000.

William W. Poulston, et al, to 611 Buffalo LLC, Lot, Farmville. $275,000.

Sheila M. Roper, Tr, to Kenneth E. Bagley, et al, 6.06 Ac, Parcel 4, Dry Bridge Estates, Prospect District. $33,770.

Jeremy P. Troyer, et al, to Jeremy P. Troyer, et al, 2006 Clay Mfg. Home on 7.72 Ac, Prospect District.

W.C. Newman Company Inc., to Paul Kenneth Copeland, et al, 1.03 Ac, Lot 15, Farmville District. $42,500.

Michael B. Mariannino, et al, to William E. Collins, et al, 5.20 Ac, Lockett District. $221,000.

Jody L. Bishop, et al, to Edward L. Helton Jr., et al, 8.7 Ac, Parcel 4, Prospect District. $229,500.