Property Transfers — Cumberland County

Published 11:37 am Thursday, July 16, 2015

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of June, 2015.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

Due to the number of requests we receive each week, The Herald will omit the price of a transaction when requested to do so.

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Alexandria Haselman, to Elmore R. Gray Jr., et ux, 61.383 Ac, Parcel A and Buckingham County, Hampden District. $472,500.

Donald E. Bishop, et ux, to Christopher E. Bishop, et ux, 18 Ac, Madison District.

Donald W. Langhorne, to Vincent Langhorne, 17 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

Calvary Tabernacle UPC, Inc., to Calvary Tabernacle United Pentacostal Church, 1.066 Ac, Lot 2, Quail Run, Sec II & Esmt, Randolph District.

Seth E. Twery PC, Sub Tr, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., 1 Ac & Esmt, Randolph District. $13,100.

George T. Mayo Jr., et ux, to Adam Young, et als, 9.257 Ac, Parcel A, Hamilton District. $32,000.

Walter C. Stimpson, to Christopher E. Stimpson, et ux, 13.70 Ac, Randolph District.

Randall E. Ingle, to Jack C. Ingle, 2.027 Ac, Parcel B, Madison District.

Magdi A. Abbas, et al, to Mona Mohamed Hafez, 1.00 Ac, Randolph District.

Willie Oertel, III, to Dorothy Oertel Dice, 2.23 Ac & Esmt, Randolph District. $89,500.

KPR Properties of VA, LLC, to Kurt S. Haselman, 157.01 Ac, Madison District. $135,000.

Scott C. Austin, East Coast Interiors Inc., 2.16 Ac, Lot G, Madison District. $50,000.

Dwight L. Johnson, et ux, to G. Nelson Wilson IV, et ux, 67.21 Ac, Randolph District. $168,000.

Hollie I. Hogan, et al, to Hollie I. Hogan, et al, 54.10 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

Lisa D. Companion-Moses, et als, to Donald C. Companion, Int. in 3.00 Ac, Parcel 1, Randolph District. $24,770.

Marverlyn Canady Brown, et als, to Willie Chandler, et ux, 2.23 Ac, Parcel 1, Madison District.

Patricia Szklennik, to David R. Buckwalter, et ux, 5.56 Ac, Randolph District. $155,000.

Katherine Yancey De Lorraine, to M C Rentals LLC, 0.632 Ac, Randolph District. $48,000.

Robert Virgil Wright, et ux, to Robert Virgil Wright, Madison District. Gift Deed.

Deborah P. Kanoy, Tr, et al, to Charles F. Govier, et al, Lot 15-A & Lot 16-A, Blk 1, LV, Hamilton District. $220,000.

RPK Associates LLC, to KPR Properties of Virginia, LLC, 3.111 Ac, Lot 3, Bartee Sub., Randolph District. Gift Deed.

Greg Mann, to William C. Mann Jr., Tr, 24.53 Ac, Lot 6C, Madison District. $40,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Lot Nos. 3,4,5,6,&7, Blk E, Jackson Heights, Randolph District. $10.

Henry M. Moderzinsky, to Kent C. Bennett, 4.17 Ac, Hamilton District. $170,000.

Maida E. Wood-Davis, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 0.516 Ac, Town of Farmville. $95,627.

Seth E. Twery PC, Sub Tr, to Clark Properties-2 LLC, 10 Ac & Esmt, Madison District.

George E. Nitsch, to George E. Nitsch, et al, 3 Ac, Madison District. Gift Deed.

William R. Randolph Sr., to William R. Randolph Sr., 2 Ac & 2.2 Ac, Randolph District.

Richardson Hill Garrett, to Ted Overby Sr., 7 Ac, Hamilton District. $50,000.

Ted Overby Sr., to James Bowles Jr., 7 Ac, Hamilton District. $35,000.

Samuel I. White PC, Sub Tr, to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 1.98 Ac, Randolph District. $27,946.

Norma B. Silvius, to Deborah Alexander, 222-C & 223-C, Blk 1 LV, Hamilton District. $71,000.

Dorothy B. Tyler, to Dorothy B. Tyler, et al, 16.4 Ac, Parcel A, Madison District. Gift Deed.

Justin Ryan King, to Michael Yoder, 8.53 Ac, Randolph District. $10,000.

Robert E. Schodt, to Trice’s Lake Incorporated, Lots 263-C & 246-C, Blk 2 LV, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

Donald Hudgins, to Trice’s Lake Incorporated, Lot 238-C, Blk 1 LV, Hamilton District. Gift Deed.

Russell T. Hamilton, Exor, to Sutton Country Corporation, Parcel & Esmt, Hamilton District. $25,000.

J. Cabell Metts III, to Brian C. Hughes, et al, 0.51 Ac, Lot 12, Green Acres Sub., Madison District.

Braxton B. Collier, Tr, et al, to Alvin L. Hammonds Sr., et ux, 8.406 Ac, Parcel 1A & 6.560 Ac, Parcel 2A & Esmt, Hamilton District. $30,000.

Wilbur Adams, to David H. Adams, Lot 12, Fairview Farms Sub., Hamilton District. $136,000.

Johnny R. Asal, to Johnnie R. Asal Jr., 10.882 Ac, Parcel D1 & Esmt.