PE Petitioners, After Coming Up Just Short, Should Try Again

Published 3:14 pm Thursday, July 23, 2015

In recent months tremendous effort was shown by passionate volunteers in Prince Edward County who attempted to gather 1,431 signatures on a petition that would get the question of electing school board members on the November ballot.

These good citizens spent untold hours collecting signatures and informing local residents of the current (and, in the petitioners’ view, flawed) process of the how the board of supervisors appoints school board members. More than 1,000 county voters signed the petition.

These volunteers showed determination in educating the community, perseverance in going from house to house and person to person, and patience in convincing voters that the method of school board selection is important enough to be considered by the voters.

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Although they fell short of the signatures they needed, they are commended for fighting for Prince Edward County voters’ right to make their own decision. They continually pushed for the idea of giving voters a chance to choose, instead of simply “going along” with tradition.

We hope they will reorganize and try again next year.

We all should stand up for what we believe in, and these volunteers showed how their voices could be heard — just as the voices of Prince Edward’s voters should be heard on how their school board members are selected.

Our community needs more volunteers who work hard for causes they believe in.

We hope and expect to see these concerned citizens out collecting signatures again next year. Lessons were learned during this year’s attempt that will prove valuable next time — and that will result in an important new question on the ballot for Prince Edward voters in November 2016.