Fuqua Middle School Presents Awards During Assembly

Published 1:26 pm Thursday, July 9, 2015

FARMVILLE – Fuqua Middle School held an awards assembly recognizing students for outstanding achievements at the end of the school year.

Candace Pembelton and Ireland Seagle each received a $1000 Anna McGovern Scholarship for having the highest academic records.

Receiving other awards and recognitions were:

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J Boyd Bagby Scholarship-Maggie Encarnacion; Prince Edward Ruritan Citizenship & Patriotism Awards-Audra Murphy and Jayden Seagle; Social Studies Award-Maggie Encarnacion; President’s Awards for Academic Excellence-Frank Denaro, Elizabeth Hice, Candace Pembelton, Hannah-Gray Schmidt, Ireland Seagle, Jeremiah Thorne and Regan Ware; Farmville Woman’s Club Writing Recognitions-Poetry–Grades 4-6 David Hanks – Grade 6 – 1st Place – Club Level, 1st Place – District Level, 2nd Place – State Level; Lauren Rojcewicz – Grade 6-2nd Place – Club Level; Lucas Gee – Grade 6-3rd Place – Club Level; Short Story–Grades 4-6 Marya Dunning – Grade 6-1st Place – Club Level, 3rd Place – District Level; Savannah Stone – Grade 6-2nd Place – Club Level; Taylor Harris – Grade 6-3rd Place – Club Level; Poetry–Grades 7-9 Christopher Kendall – Grade 8-2nd Place – Club Level; Isaac Drummond – Grade 8-3rd Place – Club Level; Short Story–Grades 7-9 Christopher Kendall–Grade 8-1st Place – Club Level, 2nd Place – District Level; Irene Thornton-Grade 8-2nd Place – Club Level; Short Story–Grades 7-9 Isaac Drummond – Grade 8-3rd Place – Club Level; LCVA Art Awards-Amber Bruce, Isaac Drummond and Drew Osborn; Denise Penick Art Award-Amber Bruce; National Physical Fitness Awards- Hayes Barton, Cloe Cole, Rhodes Cooper, Colton Copley, Tanner Cyrus, Frank Denaro, Jacob Dillon, Lucas Gee, Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Hice, Jared Johns, Ryan McKay, Kaitlyn Morgan, Taylor Nichols, Cody Orange, Drew Osborn, Candace Pembelton, Adam Rice, Hannah Rundstrom, Bailey Rutherford, Sarah Storm, Kaley Sublett, Curstan Tharpe, Daniel Tolbert and Regan Ware; Presidential Physical Fitness Awards- Jackson Allen, Charlotte Haney, AJ Johnson, Josiah King, Matt Osborn, Hannah Ostrander, Hannah-Gray Schmidt and Sophie Watson; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7059-Patriot’s Pen Essay Winners- Roman Davis–1st Place – District Level; Parker Moore–1st Place – District Level (entry was sent to National Competition); Audra Murphy–3rd Place – District Level; Science Fair Winners- Isaac Drummond–1st Place; Christopher Kendall–2nd Place; and Adam Rice–3rd Place; Spelling Bee Participants- 6th Grade: Brooke Coleman and Lucas Gee; 7th Grade: Roman Davis and Emily Erickson; 8th Grade: Christopher Kendall (Winner) and Philip Sadler; Geography Bee Participants- Isaac Drummond, Zach Eason (Winner), Emily Erickson, Andrew Osborn, Lauren Rojcewicz and Jeremiah Thorne.

Honor Roll Recognitions (first, second, and third nine weeks grading period) – Merit List: 6th Grade: James Barton, David Hanks, Kayla Knott, Hannah Rundstrom, Walter Thompson and Jonathon Woolard; 7th Grade: Jarrod Cooper, Kaitlyn Morgan, Matthew Osborn, Hannah Ostrander, Carmen Reynolds, Justin Stimpson, Nicholas Traywick; 8th Grade: Parrish Angle, Robert Ball, Amber Bruce, Grace Hodges, Nicholas Johnson, Christopher Kendall, Brittany Malone, Parker Moore, Philip Sadler, Collin Tharpe and Irene Thornton; Dean’s List: 6th Grade: Grace Algeier, Rachel Chernault, Rhodes Cooper, Zach Eason, Elizabeth Hall, Tyler Harris, Ryan Ledger, Andrew Lindsay, Ryan McKay, Maria Pack, Margaret Grace Patterson, Lauren Rojcewicz, Bailey Rutherford, Catherine Rutherford, Jayden Seagle, Savannah Stone, Sarah Storm, Curstan Tharpe, John Thompson, Sophie Watson and Katherine White; 7th Grade: Colton Copley, Emily Erickson, Ashley Handy, Charlotte Haney, Mary Katherine Kendall, Peyton Newcomb, Andrew Osborn, Kaley Sublett and Daniel Wilkerson; 8th Grade: Christian Adams, Frank Denaro, Isaac Drummond, Kayla Gurley, Virginia Haney, Elizabeth Hice, Josiah King, Hannah-Gray Schmidt, Jeremiah Thorne and Regan Ware; President’s List:6th Grade: Jackson Allen, Brooke Coleman, Marya Dunning and Lucas Gee; 7th Grade: Hannah Cook, Roman Davis, Kate Elam, Audra Murphy and Abbie Schmidt; 8th Grade:  Maggie Encarnacion, Candace Pembelton, Ireland Seagle, Sallie Vick and David Williams.