Bogus IRS Calls Reported In Cumberland

Published 1:51 pm Thursday, July 16, 2015

CUMBERLAND — A rash of Internal Revenue Service scam calls has hit Cumberland County.

“We’ve been getting a rash of these IRS bogus calls,” said Cumberland Sheriff Darrell Hodges, “and they seem to be targeting our seniors … They kind of intimidate a lot of our older people.”

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The calls pertain to owing money to the agency.

Hodges said the IRS would never demand immediate payment from a credit card or money order while threatening arrest.

According to the sheriff, most of calls originate from a 202 area code. He said It’s what is known as a spoof, or fake number.

Hodges encourages anyone who feels they’ve fallen victim to a scam to contact the Cumberland Sheriff’s Office at (804) 492-4120 or their local law enforcement agency.