School Chief Gets 3 Percent Pay Raise In Buckingham

Published 12:01 pm Thursday, June 25, 2015

BUCKINGHAM — The Buckingham County School Board has awarded Division Superintendent Dr. Cecil Snead a 3 percent pay increase — the same raise given to all school employees in the upcoming 2015-16 fiscal year budget.

Snead currently makes $120,840 per year. With the 3 percent increase, which equates to $3,625, he’ll now make $124,465, according to Snead.

The motion by the board to amend Snead’s contract to reflect the raise was unanimously approved.

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Snead told The Herald that he feels blessed to be able to work in Buckingham.

Almost one year ago, the board voted unanimously to vacate its old contract with the school chief and entered into a new four-year one. No salary adjustments were included with the new contract, said District Three Representative and Board Chairman H. Ed Wise.

“The increase that he received, we didn’t give him anything that he wasn’t already contractually due. He was due the same increase that our employees were,” Wise said.

Wise called the action “legal housekeeping,” and that the increase wasn’t a special raise.

“I personally am very well-pleased,” Wise said of Snead’s leadership in the division. “Our division is better today than it was, and … good things are happening.”

Snead was hired as superintendent in 2012.