Lawyer Says Butler Best Qualified To Be Commonwealth’s Attorney

Published 5:56 pm Thursday, June 4, 2015

Editor, The Herald:

I write today to encourage my fellow citizens of Prince Edward County to vote for Brian Butler for commonwealth’s attorney in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday.

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This primary is an open primary, which means that any registered voter, regardless of party affiliation or independent status, may cast a vote. The concept of the open primary will be more important in this election than in many others. It is commonly understood that the person who wins this primary will likely be the only candidate for commonwealth’s attorney on the ballot in the General Election in November. This then may very well be the election for our next commonwealth’s attorney. It is critical to our judicial system that we all participate in this election, and I ask that you consider a vote for Brian Butler.

As an attorney practicing in the courts of Prince Edward County, I have had the opportunity to work with Brian on a regular basis and I know his character. A quiet and reflective man, he is steadfast in his commitment to ensuring that all of the citizens of our county receive fair and appropriate treatment under the laws of our Commonwealth. He is a vigorous advocate for the victims of crime, while exercising common-sense discretion in those prosecutions that deserve it.

With 11 years of experience as both a defense attorney and prosecutor in this county, he understands our unique population and has a clear understanding of the power of the commonwealth’s attorney’s office and the balance that is necessary to ensure compliance with the laws without ruining a person’s future unnecessarily. This ability to balance his obligation to protect society from those who harm others with the appropriate level of mercy in cases that warrant it is a quality I think is most desirable in the person who will occupy one of the most powerful positions in our county.

Brian’s experience in the courtroom and with respect to the administration of the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney also sets him apart from his opponent in the race. He has 11 years of experience trying every kind of case imaginable. Like his opponent, at one time he too was a young, new assistant commonwealth’s attorney being assigned cases on which he could learn the art of being a good prosecutor. He now has many years of experience trying cases in all of the courts of our county, both with and without juries. He is also the chief deputy commonwealth’s attorney, and has been since 2013, during which time he has fully engaged in the administration of the office, including managing employees and preparing and implementing budgets.

I ask you to please join me, and my fellow local practicing defense attorneys who have all endorsed him, in voting on June 9 for Brian Butler for our next commonwealth’s attorney.

Harlan L. Horton