He Rejects Writer’s Characterization Of Biblical Giants As ‘Right-Wing Loonies’

Published 2:24 pm Thursday, June 18, 2015

Editor, The Herald:

In his recent letter to the editor (“Same-Sex Couples Create Families, Who In Turn Strengthen Society,” Wednesday, June 10), Stephen Goldberger shows superficiality in the reading of my letter (“Same-Sex Marriage Moving Society Toward Further Chaos,” Wednesday, June 3), in which I show that the Bible equates homosexuality with bestiality.

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• He writes that I “quote a bunch” of “right-wing loonies.”  In fact, I quote more words from the Bible than from any other source.  I regret that he would refer to the writers of the Bible, Moses and the Apostle Paul, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, as “right-wing-loonies.”  Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible condemn homosexuality.

• He seems to believe that a family of any composition is of equal value to society.  Would he take the position that a family made up of a woman who marries her dog to be of equal value to society as that of a family established by a Godly husband and wife?

• Would he hold that a family made up of a mother who marries her son to be of equal value to society as that of a family established by an upright, non-related husband and wife?

In the subculture of nihilism and moral relativism, superficial reading still leads to superficial, erroneous conclusions.

Dr. Fillmer Hevener