Fuqua Lower School Holds Awards Assembly

Published 1:04 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FARMVILLE – Fuqua Lower School held its annual awards assembly and fifth grade graduation ceremony.  Many students were recognized for their outstanding achievements in areas such as academics, visual arts, leadership, band, physical education, and technology.

Three fifth grade students received scholarships bearing the highest honor presented to lower school students.  To be eligible, the student must have attended Fuqua School for at least two full years.

For having the highest academic records two Anna McGovern Scholarships, in the amount of $1000.00 each, were awarded George Anthony Magnotti and Meredith Lynn Schmidt.  The $1,000 Verle V. Gordon Scholarship was awarded to Hannah Marie Myers for exhibiting high standards of citizenship, patriotism, spirit of cooperation, and exceptional academic achievement.

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Other awards presented:

2014 – 2015 Presidential Academic Excellence Awards – Hannah Myers, Grayson Newcomb, Mallory Brown, Olivia Elam, Eva Grace Gee, Alyson Lucas, Dalton Tucker, Hadley Puckett, James Royall, Grace Mau, Trey Stimpson, Haley Short, Meredith Schmidt, George Magnotti, Holt Mason, Jordan Ledger, Grace Puckett; 2014 – 2015 Presidential Academic Achievement Awards – Jordan Johns, Matthew Pembelton, Chandler Wright, Ran Vick, Cole Atkins, Erica Chapman, Caroline Hanks, Camden Wood, James Minix, Jett Algeier, Rachel Mason, Kendall Moore, Kassidy Knott; 2014 – 2015 Yearly President’s List – Hannah Myers, Holt Mason, Jordan Ledger; 2014 – 2015 Yearly Dean’s List – Mallory Brown, Olivia Elam, Eva Grace Gee, Alyson Lucas, Grayson Newcomb, Hadley Puckett, Dalton Tucker, Grace Mau, Meredith Schmidt, George Magnotti, Grace Puckett, Rachel Mason, Kendall Moore, James Minix; 2014 – 2015 Yearly Merit List – James Royall, Chandler Wright, Cole Atkins, Erica Chapman, Caroline Hanks, Haley Short, Trey Stimpson, Camden Wood, Kassidy Knott, Jett Algeier; Jump-Rope-For-Heart Award- Wade Haney; Geography Bee Awards – Camden Wood, Dalton Tucker, Jordan Ledger; Spelling Bee Awards – Evan Nichols, Grayson Newcomb, Meredith Schmidt; Science Award – Erica Chapman; Math Award – Hannah Myers; Social Studies Award – George Magnotti; Technology Award – George Magnotti; Visual Art Award- Ashley Toney; Physical Education Award – Trey Stimpson; Recorder Award – Grace Mau;

Band Award – Alyson Lucas; Leadership Award – Damian Pack; Literary Award – Mallory Brown; Youth Achievement Award – Alyson Lucas; Ruritan “Good Citizenship” Award – James Daniel Minix; Verle V. Gordon Scholarship – Hannah Marie Myers; Anna McGovern Scholarships – George Anthony Magnotti, Meredith Lynn Schmidt; John’s Hopkins Awards – Mallory Bell Brown, Susan Olivia Elam, Eva Grace Gee, Addie Dail Gilley, Jordan Robert Ledger, Holt Christopher Mason, Hannah Marie Myers, Grayson Steele Newcomb, Matthew Connor Pembelton, Grace Ann Puckett, James Micah Royall, Lawrence Wade Stimpson III, Jackson West Whaley; 2014 – 2015 Presidential Physical Fitness Awards – Jett Algeier, Wade Haney, Alyson Lucas, Grayson Newcomb, Aaron Orange, Grace Puckett, Meredith Schmidt, Ran Vick; 2014- 2015 National Physical Fitness Awards – Mallory Brown, Eva Gee, Kassidy Knott, Rachel Mason, Damian Pack, Ashley Toney, Dalton Tucker; 2013 – 2014 Perfect Attendance Awards – Ashlyn Ligon, Aubrie Jefferson, Marissa Dempsey, Carter McCarty, Luke Royall, Jett Algeier, Rachel Mason, Aaron Orange, Damian Pack, James Royall; SCA-Awards – President – Damian Pack, Vice President – James Minix, Secretary – Matthew Pembelton, Treasurer – Jett Algeier; SCA Classroom Representatives – Grace Mau, Trey Stimpson, Dalton Tucker, Ran Vick, George Magnotti, Meredith Schmidt; Longwood Center for the Visual Arts – Noah Cole, Susan Cook, Madison Etherton, Olivia Fortune, Caroline Hanks, Caroline Krouse, Bella Lang, Joel Layne, Grace Mau, Addison Tobias, Camden Whirley; LCVA Area Youth Highlights Exhibit 2014 – 2015 – Noah Cole