From The Other Side: Fit With Farrar’s TurboKick

Published 11:26 am Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FARMVILLE — Summer is finally here and I wanted to kick the season off with a fun class that would help me start shaping up for my vacation this year.

I wanted to take a class that would make me work hard, but also smile while doing so. So, I took TurboKick with Fit with Farrar and loved the material. The one thing you can always count on with any Fit with Farrar class is working every single muscle in your body. TurboKick involved a lot of dance moves, but also a few kickboxing exercises too. We did kicks and punches, while moving our bodies to the music. We lunged and lunged in every direction; to the side, behind and forward. We did jumping jacks and squat jumps. You name it, we did it.

What I also loved about the class was the atmosphere. Although the class is offered for men and women, the class I attended was full of only females.

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Those ladies were wonderful. They laughed and smiled from ear to ear as they performed the exercises. It just showed me that they were enjoying the class as much as I was.

Photo by Marge Swayne

Photo by Marge Swayne

Instructor Lindsey Farrar was a key part to the upbeat atmosphere. Lindsey is always bright and cheery and encourages her participants throughout the entire class. That may seem like an obvious gesture from a class instructor, however, I have been in many classes where the instructors hardly spoke and that really makes a difference in encouraging myself to want to work out.

Lindsey also knows how to get people working out at their maximum potential. She realizes that some may need to tone down the exercises when they are beginning the class. However, if you are slacking she will increase the speed and make you work.

I think that all of us need a person like that in our exercising life: someone who will push us to our limits, but knows our limits, as well.

This class would be perfect for the typical working-class person. If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a regular workout schedule because of your “9 to 5” job, then you should definitely look into TurboKick.

It is held at 5:15 p.m. on every other Thursday at Farmville United Methodist Church. This is the perfect time to get off work and get in your quick workout before going home for the night.

It is a class that young or older will enjoy. If you are looking to mix up your workout routine, or actually begin one, then take a chance and try out TurboKick.