Firefly Festival At High Bridge

Published 4:05 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get outdoors to witness the spectacular sight of synchronous fireflies by the thousands in the treetops below High Bridge on Saturday, June 13.

Meet with a park ranger for a brief explanation of these luminous insects. The new moon this year will provide excellent dark contrast with the star-field above and the living “stars” around and below you.

A retired entomologist from Virginia Tech, Paul Semtner, will be available afterward at the approach to High Bride with insect collections complied through his long career. Paul will also be available at light traps to identify local insects. Last year, several kinds of giant silk worm moths and a perfect mint-green Luna moth were observed.

Arrive at the River Road parking area by 8:30 p.m. to have enough time to walk the mile to High Bridge. The program is free, but a $4 parking fee applies at the River Road parking lot. Be sure to bring water and be prepared to stay out after dark. For more information contact the park office at 434-315-0457 or email