Town Will Seek Bids For The Sale Of Mottley Lake: Farmville Would Maintain Water Rights

Published 6:16 pm Thursday, May 14, 2015

FARMVILLE — Town council voted Wednesday night to advertise for sealed bids on Mottley Lake, which was purchased seven years ago as an emergency back-up water supply for times of severe drought.

If the Town does sell the 147-acre property it bought for $1.67 million, it will retain the water rights.

One offer of $650,000 has already been made for the property, according to Town Manager Gerald Spates, who reports the land’s value has decreased since the Town took ownership because rental trailers have been removed and Luck Stone plans to operate a quarry on adjacent property.

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Town Will Seek Bids For

The Sale Of Mottley Lake

Farmville Would Maintain Water Rights

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In addition to the lake, the property’s acreage includes one house, one cabin and seventeen mobile home hook-ups, with water, sewer and electricity for each, along with various out buildings and a maintenance shop.

Bidders are expected to submit a letter of credit from a financial institution covering the amount of the purchase.

The Town reserves the right to waive irregularities in bids, to accept or reject any and all bids with or without cause and to award the bid that it determines to be in the best interest of the Town of Farmville.

Town council’s action during its regular May meeting this week follows through on last month’s decision to authorize Spates and Town Attorney Andrea Erard to prepare information for council’s consideration on the best way to advertise sale of the Mottley Lake property.

A public hearing is legally required prior to actually selling the site.

In making the recommendation last month, council finance committee chair, Jamie Davis said, “We feel like we can actually sell this property and still maintain the rights to the water,” Davis said, “which is very important.”

Town officials are moving forward with a sense of optimism.

“We feel like there’s quite a few people who would understand the importance of that, that the Town needs to retain the authority and ability to release that water into the Appomattox River in a drought scenario,” Davis said.

The advertisement of the Town’s acceptance of sealed bids makes that water issue crystal clear. “The seller reserves exclusive water rights to release water during extreme periods of drought,” the ad states.

Wednesday night’s vote was unanimous.