From The Other Side: CrossFit 1st Due: Workout Of The Day

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FARMVILLE — How many fitness classes have you attended where you are doing the same exercises as everyone else in the class, but a modified version that accommodates your body’s abilities?

For me, that hasn’t been many classes. I have taken many group workout classes in my time and most consist of a set routine that every participant has to do the same way. The same type of lunges…With the same amount of repetitions…Even if you are struggling to keep up, you have to finish your reps. In the meantime, others who are in better shape, wait patiently for you to finish so they can finish their workout.

It isn’t fun to be that one person, to finish last and know that eyes are on you. That is the main reason why I enjoyed the Workout of the Day with CrossFit 1st Due.

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The trainers at CrossFit understand that not every person is on the exact same level, fitness-wise. They give you a workout routine in a simple format. However, instead of making you do the same amount of repetitions as everyone else, they modify the workout if they see you struggling. This is not only to help the class run smoothly, but they do this for their members.

They want to push you to work harder. But they also know that if you are pushed past your limit, you could hurt yourself. They want you to do the best you can and improve along the way. You did a 12-minute workout with three different exercises and had 10 repetitions of those exercises. Good for you! Now, next week, if you get 12 repetitions in of that same workout, you have improved yourself. That is CrossFit’s goal, to improve your body’s standard…Not keep up with everyone else’s standards.

Photos by Erika Condrey

Photos by Erika Condrey

I also enjoyed this class because of the short workout. Most classes I have participated in last 45 minutes to a hour. If you want to be in shape, but hate exercising, a long workout is just not going to work for you. After warming up, the trainers explained the 12-minute workout exercises and then you did it, and that was all. It really helps having a shorter workout if you are on a strict schedule, as well.

Finally, my favorite part of trying out CrossFit was the atmosphere. When you walk into the class, you don’t walk into a room full of strangers. You walk into a family. The other participants are there to help you. They want you to succeed just as much as the trainers and they give you helpful tips that they have found have helped them.

They want to get to know you and they will all sit down after class and socialize. I rarely see that happen after a workout class. Most of the time, people scatter and rush off to their busy lives.

I would recommend CrossFit to people who use the excuse, “I don’t have time to exercise.” Their short Workout of the Day is a routine that will not take you long and it will still give you a sweat-producing workout. Try it out and I guarantee you won’t be sorry.