PE Supervisors Talk Elected School Boards

Published 12:22 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PRINCE EDWARD — Is it time again for Prince Edward to consider elected school boards?


County supervisors discussed the possible move at the end of their work session last week and County officials were asked to look into the process.

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“One of the things that’s been brought up to me (in) numerous phone calls and discussions…(and) town hall meetings is the need or the desire to change from our appointed school board positions to give the people in the county the opportunity to seek…that position as an elected official and to have the residents of the county have input as to the person being elected,” said Buffalo District Supervisor C.R. “Bob” Timmons Jr. “And I have committed to…introduce that discussion.”

Timmons asked the board if he could have “staff figure out what we can do, what has to be done.”

Whether the move, from the current board of supervisors appointment process, comes to pass offers its challenges. Multiple attempts have been unsuccessfully made to have the issue placed on the ballot in Prince Edward, though it has successfully passed in neighboring Buckingham and Cumberland counties. Voters must approve of the switch.

“I think it would be an interesting discussion,” noted Farmville District Supervisor Jim Wilck, who would later state that he doesn’t have a strong feeling either way.

Prospect Supervisor Calvin Gray sees the need for it to be discussed.

“If we don’t talk about these issues, then how can we begin to think about which direction we’re going for the good of the county?” he said, adding that this type of conversation is good for future vision, whether they do it or not.

Leigh District Supervisor Jerry Townsend said he’s had some constituents ask about the same issue. He said he would like to see them move forward to have the school board members elected.

“I think what I’m asking for is not that much,” Timmons said, adding that he’s asking them to figure out the components. Then, he offered, they could have some dialogue at a different time, if they feel it is the best avenue for the county.

Farmville District (801) Supervisor Pattie Cooper Jones, however, relayed the opinion of those in another county that had pushed to have school board members elected. If they could turn it around, she said, they would.

“It’s just who has the most influence in their neighborhood and they said that it has been a disaster,” she relayed.

Cooper-Jones also offered that she doesn’t have a problem with it if the citizens want to go for it.

Both, Wilck said, have their good points or bad points.