Taking His Time

Published 2:21 pm Wednesday, December 31, 2014

He’s become a fixture of Cumberland Court House. Clarence Giles, 64, pushes his wheelbarrow through the village to pick up his mail, buy groceries and maybe even purchase a pack of cigarettes and some pork rinds. He makes the journey about once or twice a month from his home roughly three miles away. Giles has spent much of his life as a farmhand, milking cows and working out in the fields. Why doesn’t he hitch a ride? “I prefer to take my time and just walk on back,” he told The Herald. During this trip on a chilly December morning, Giles picked up white bread, Kool-Aid, Jiffy cornbread mix and Vienna sausages to take back home for dinner. (Photo by Ilsa Loeser)

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