Raines Tavern News

Published 5:20 pm Thursday, July 31, 2014

Noah Mullins presented the July program for the Antioch United Methodist Women. During his 34 years with the USDA in Virginia, WVA and NC, he has worked with 35 different Soil and Water Conservation Districts. In the visual portion of his program he was assisted by his granddaughter Zoe Butcher, of Ellenboro, WV.

His program held increase citizen awareness regarding the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Seventeen million people in six states live in the watershed of the Bay. How each citizen regulates fertilizer to lawn and gardens, leaves forestry buffers along streams, monitors quantity of laundry detergents, and disposes of oily substances are some of the factors affecting the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is a group of private citizens and provides progress reports on the health of the Bay.

Betty A. Foster, along with daughters Neale Foster and Jill Foster of Richmond area, enjoyed an extended trip in June to the Knoxville, TN area. It was also a birthday celebration for Betty among friends there.

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Violet Watson and her mother, Caroline Y. Watson spent a few days here in late June with her grandmother Diane C. Young. This gave opportunity for a second celebration of her third birthday, the first being held at home in Charleston, SC.

Diane C. Young and classmates gathered for a reunion with lunch on Monday at the Cumberland Restaurant. Diane C. Young one of the Coffeytown Cousins – attended their recent gathering at the Briar Patch Restaurant in Amherst.

In between their respective 93rd and 96th birthdays, Grace M. Ownby and Walter Stimpson enjoyed a happy occasion when Grace’s great-grandson Levi Jones and parents, Jeremy and Chrystal Jones, of Culpeper, made a weekend visit.

A lunch gathering here helped Carolyn A. Lester of Richmond celebrate her recent birthday. Included in the celebration were Faye Asal, Sue Newman, Rebecca Newman, Wilbur and Sandra Asal of this area; also Brad and Sarah L. Goodwyn, and daughter Autumn Grace, of Stoney Point. Later, there were several visits to Ruth A. Southall at the Woodland. Zoe and Tori Butcher, of Ellenboro, WV spent some time here with grandparents Noah and Margo Mullins and attended Bible School at Antioch United Methodist Church. Other family members were here for a shorter visit.

Recent summer visitors of Audrey Robinson have included John A. Robinson, of Corona, CA. Also, Lloyd and Sherri Robinson and children, Stuart, Lanna and Suzanne, of Mocksville, NC who also made visits to the Michael and Sarah Schember family and to the children’s great-grandfather, Paul Schember Sr.

Independence Day picnic included Bob, Missy and Jeanne Robinson; also Curtis and Allie R. Gibson, of Abingdon.