Cumberland IDA Seeking $700K Grant

Published 4:46 pm Thursday, June 26, 2014

CUMBERLAND — A $700,000 grant from the Virginia Tobacco Commission is being sought by the Cumberland Industrial Development Authority to improve a lot in the County’s business park for an industry that’s eyeing the area.

Following a short closed session of the authority regarding a prospective business on Tuesday, June 24, the four members of the IDA present voted unanimously to request the money.

According to the meeting agenda, the subject of the closed session was for a prospective business in the business park, a grant application and construction information.

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“…We’ll discuss the grant application, then we’ll need a motion to give staff permission to apply for this additional grant from the (Virginia) Tobacco Commission,” cited IDA Vice-Chairman Leroy Pfeiffer Sr.

When asked the specific amount of the requested grant, Planning and Community Development coordinator Jennifer Roberts responded, “…$700,000, at this point, will be the request. That may change depending on bids that we receive.”

Roberts confirmed that the requested funds were for special projects.

Following the meeting, Vivian Seay Giles, Cumberland’s County Administrator and Attorney, explained to The Herald, “There was a site in the business park that was supposed to be developed previously, and we’re just looking…to develop that site. And we have been talking to a prospective business…If we can develop that lot…”

When asked which specific lot in the County business park, Giles responded, “The lot that we’re looking at is the one that was…going to be developed previously for the business that didn’t happen. It would be the same lot.”

“We’re just looking at the possibility of developing it because that company that was supposed to come, there was a metal building that they had, so we’re asking the (Virginia) Tobacco Commission to help us re-purpose that and put that up, because, in the meantime, we could have the site ready…” she reiterated.

“It’s still a benefit to have a building ready,” she noted. “It’s the (Virginia) Tobacco Commission’s, they bought it.”

The building, according to Giles, is a metal building that is on the site that requires construction.

“It’s a kit kind of (building)…That’s the way they come,” she cited.