Dove Runs

Published 4:35 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PRINCE EDWARD – County School Board Chairman Russell Dove confirmed plans Tuesday morning to run for the Buffalo District seat on Prince Edward's Board of Supervisors.

Dove reported that he has spoken with the Democratic Committee and they have accepted him as their candidate. He also said he is in the process of filing all of the paperwork now.

Dove, born and raised in Prince Edward County and a PECHS graduate, holds a bachelor's degree from Longwood University. He majored in sociology with a minor in criminal justice. He is currently the director of public safety and chief of police for Central Virginia Community College.

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He has served on the County's school board since 2002 and as its chairman since 2005.

“I think I can-my experience in the community and my public service in the community, I think I have something to offer in serving on the board,” he said, when asked about his decision to run.

He also adds that he was encouraged by some individuals in the community to run.

Dove says he intends to remain on the school board, though it's his understanding he cannot hold both positions at the same time. If successful in his bid for the board of supervisors, at that time he would resign from the school board.

He offered that he won't make any campaign promises before he gets on the board and fully evaluates what issues the board faces.

“The only two promises I will make is that I will be accessible and…responsive to the citizens even after the campaign is over,” he said. “And, I guess, the second one is that I will, as I've done in the past, I will serve with honesty, integrity…openness and with passion for doing what's best for the citizens that are not only of the Buffalo District, but Prince Edward County.”

He offered that he will be mindful and do good evaluation of any issue to come before the board, but assessed his true passions will be education, public safety and economic development. He said that he considers himself to be a good listener and a strategic thinker.

When he's evaluating issues or situations, he says he wants to not only consider how that decision impacts the county today or next month, but says he tries to think how what impact it will have on the county three to five years from now.

Current Buffalo District Supervisor and Board of Supervisors Chairman William “Buckie” Fore has announced that he will not seek re-election.