Our Broad Moral Guides

Published 2:16 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

In your April 3, “Letters to the Editor,” one letter is titled: “Thoughts on Marriage Equality.” This letter raises several questions.

One, over the history of mankind, is man really living longer? Adam, the first man created by God, lived to be 930 years old. Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born; Sarah was 90 years of age when she bore Isaac. Over the centuries, Man has become shorter-lived, more impotent, and morally and physically weaker. In addition, He has become more narcissistic and intellectually arrogant.

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Two, what standard should society use for determining acts which are moral and those which are not? The Ten Commandments? The Golden Rule? Or, should each individual determine for himself “right” and “wrong”? For example, if a lady wishes to marry her dog, would this be moral? Would it be legal? Would she be discriminated against if she were not allowed to do so? Or, suppose, a son wishes to marry his mother. Would this mother and this son be discriminated against if they were not allowed to do so?

Often, those who argue for “equality” and for the protection of rights of the most helpless, are the first to endorse the aborting of a living, health baby whose heart is beating with life, within the mother. Reader, would justice and equality have been served if you (or the writer of the letter to which I am responding) had been aborted?

As for me, I choose to take the Ten Commandments and Golden Rule as broad moral guides, not the shibboleth of relativists: “Right you are if you think you are.”

Fillmer Hevener