People, Not Laws, Can Stop Violence

Published 2:11 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

Many years ago man and woman were created, they had two sons, as they grew one son got angry with his brother to the point of killing him. The first family had the first murder. And so it began down through the life of many generations, like the present in which we live.

Hate and wars and killing and robbers, plus rape continues. There were laws in the beginning, however trouble kept flowing the same as today. I'm sorry to inform you but somebody needs to face the root of these enormous problems. Only the people can stop this madness of violence. No president, no law can stop this, same as no traffic light can stop all vehicles.

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No stop sign can stop all vehicles.

No law can stop guns from killing.

No law can stop drunk driving.

All the violence we face come from people.

The answer to people making a change is found in John 3:5-7. Every person in this world should act on this. Now you know where the real fault lies.

Charles Leftwich