Crewe Also Interested

Published 4:34 pm Thursday, February 14, 2013

PRINCE EDWARD – The Appomattox River Water Authority is interested in the Sandy River Reservoir (see related story page one), and so is the Town of Crewe.

“As you know, the Town of Crewe was awarded a planning grant from the Virginia Department of Health to study all options for increased water supply to the citizens of Crewe. Part of that study will be the feasibility of connection to, and service by, the Sandy River Reservoir in your county,” Town Manager W. Wade Walker sent in an email to Prince Edward County Administrator Wade Bartlett.

“Our consulting engineers will most likely be in touch with you to gather necessary information to include your facility as an option and we would ask and appreciate your cooperation in providing that information.”

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The board, with little discussion, approved the request.

“As we've stated before, they've always been interested in the use of the Sandy River Reservoir and it's always been a funding issue to them,” Bartlett would comment prior to the vote. “That would be one of the options they would like to see and to study. I don't know what all the other options are and they're just asking if we would realse our data concerning the Sandy River Reservoir to their engineers which they've hired, Hurt & Proffitt.”

Farmville District (701) Supervisor Jim Wilck asked, “Are we talking treated water or are we talking raw water?”

Bartlett would respond that he didn't know, adding that they'll probably look at all those options.

“They'll probably look at both-I would assume they would do that, but…that's what I guess the study's going to be for,” Bartlett said.

County supervisors in recent years had looked at tapping into the reservoir to serve an area south of Farmville along U.S. Route 15. One possible option also weighed was to provide water to serve the towns of Crewe and Burkeville.