Voters Tap Treasurer

Published 4:26 pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

PRINCE EDWARD – For the first time in 21 years, Prince Edward will have a new treasurer.

County voters, in a surprisingly strong turnout Tuesday, overwhelmingly chose Democratic Candidate Donna Bowman Nunnally to fill the three years of Mable Shanaberger's unexpired term. Shanaberger will retire at the end of the year.

“…I'm ecstatic, you know,” Nunnally said Wednesday. “I'm so excited about everything. You know, it's (going to) be an honor to be Treasurer for Prince Edward County. I'm looking so forward to it.”

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Nunnally's win in the special election was decisive for a five-way contest. She received (with State Board of Elections posted unofficial results) 52.41 percent of the vote, or 1,454. H.D. “Brock” Robinson Jr. received 575 (20.72 percent), Taikein M. Cooper 237 (8.54 percent), Ben R. Murdock 325 (11.71), and R. Marshall Womack Jr. 182 (6.56 percent).

The overall voter turnout tallied 19.34 percent, or 2,782 of the 14,383 registered voters.

Asked what she thought really made the difference, Nunnally noted, “The supporters that I had. I mean, I can not thank them enough. I had…the best people behind me 100 percent. Without them I would not have…made it like I did.”

She paused, then added, “And the experience. The experience…played a big part in it.”

Nunnally, in her published announcement, detailed that she is a lifelong resident of the County, a 1986 Prince Edward County High School graduate and County employee for 14 years. She works in the Commissioner of Revenue's office, but for nine years she was a shared employee between the Treasurer's office and the Commissioner's office.

Nunnally envisions working with Shanaberger in the transition period.

“I know having Ms. Shanaberger behind me…helped a lot because she was an excellent treasurer and was respected by…everyone,” Nunnally said.

She said she was surprised by the margin of victory.

“With five people running…it was up for grabs for anyone,” she said. “I was very pleased.”

It had been a rather condensed campaign with Shanaberger's late summer announcement to retire. It was only in September that County supervisors had asked that the court set the special election for December 11.

Nunnally detailed knocking on doors, going to churches, attending events.

“It was a lot of on the road-going, going, going,” she said. “But I enjoyed every minute of it.”

She paused then added with a chuckle, “Campaigning is not easy.”

Asked if she foresees any big changes, Nunnally offers that she knows she has a lot of things she needs to get on top of, that need to be caught up (she cited paperwork and reports that need to be done). She also cited that collections are down “and that will be one thing that I will start working on.”

Votes By Precinct

In Farmville Precinct (101) Nunnally received 182 votes, Robinson 68, Cooper 14, Murdock 34 and Womack 19.

Lockett Precinct voters registered 349 for Nunnally, 64 for Robinson, 21 for Cooper, 39 for Murdock, and 35 for Womack.

In the Leigh Precinct (301), there were 150 votes for Nunnally, 40 for Robinson, 12 for Cooper, 14 for Murdock, and nine for Womack. Mt. Pleasant precinct (302), Nunnally scored 66 votes, Robinson 19, Cooper six, Murdock six, and Womack eight.

In the Hampden Precinct, Nunnally received 134 votes, Robinson 71, Cooper 17, Murdock 26 and Womack 20.

In Darlington Heights-the lone precinct where Nunnally did not receive the most votes among the candidates-it was Nunnally 77, Robinson 114, Cooper six, Murdock 31, and Womack seven. In Buffalo, Nunnally received 68 votes, Robinson 36, Cooper five, Murdock 13, and Womack 15.

Prospect voters also favored Nunnally with 160 votes, Robinson 56, Cooper 68, Murdock 124, and Womack 19.

Farmville's West End (701) favored Nunnally with 150 votes, Robinson 83, Cooper 18, Murdock 31, and Womack 41.

In Farmville's Center Precinct (801) Nunnally received 78 votes, Robinson 12, Cooper 65, Murdock five and Womack seven.

Among those voting absentee at the central precinct, Nunnally received 40 votes, Robinson 12, Cooper five, Murdock two, and Womack two.