New Doors For Cartersville Squad

Published 3:41 pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CUMBERLAND – During its October meeting, the Cumberland Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a request by the Cartersville Volunteer Rescue Squad for $10,800 to replace all seven of its entry doors.

Bernie Becker, president of the Cartersville Volunteer Rescue Squad, approached the board to request $10,800 to replace the seven entry doors for the rescue squad building. The door replacement had been on the County's Capital Improvement Plan for this year, but was not designated funding in the final approved budget.

During board comments, Kevin Ingle, District Three, thanked Becker for “following the process, which we told him at the budget time, 'If money came short and more things were needed, we were going to be here for you to work with.'”

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He added, “one of the fallbacks that we had when we did a lot of cutting out of the budget was a general understanding with agencies: if they did need help, you know, we were here for them to come to. It wasn't a sealed deal…It wasn't all said and done.”

Becker reported that the Cartersville rescue squad building was completed in 1998. Because construction was completed on a “bare bones budget,” the seven entry doors had only wood frames with a hollow space filled with foam. None of the seven doors were American Disability Act (ADA) or fire code compliant. Some doors showed evidence of rot and some showed evidence of attempted forcible entry. He went on to add that the building has had three instances of attempted forcible entry in the past month.

He added that while the main function of the building is to securely house the rescue squad's equipment and offices, it also provides a large space for meetings. District One voted at the building on November 6. The multipurpose room has also hosted meetings to discuss bridge repair, the Cobbs Creek Reservoir project, Comprehensive Plan updates and other situations that affect the citizens of northern Cumberland County.

The multipurpose room is also designated as an emergency shelter in case of power outages due to hurricanes, snowstorms and other natural causes. He reported that the building has been used as a shelter for as long as a week.

He added that no matter what the request for meeting, the rescue squad is expected to absorb the cost for electricity, propane gas, water, supplies, and upkeep of the space itself.

He stated that the most important use of the space is training. Recently, the multipurpose room hosted training for over 40 EMT and firefighters, from the area and surrounding communities.

The current replacement cost for all seven doors is now expected to be $15,189.34, which reflects a $10,000 savings due to donated labor by Windows Direct of Central Virginia and a price reduction on hardware of $6,000 by Architectural Hardware of Virginia.

The new doors will be ADA approved with fire rated safety glass. They will be all steel, fire rated and installed in metal frames.

Cartersville Volunteer Rescue Squad plans to raise the remaining funds to cover the project and lock installation by means of a mail-out campaign to local business and residents.

When asked by Lloyd Banks, District Two, if he foresaw any additional requests for the squad before the year is out, Becker replied, “I don't foresee any, but… there is always that possibility.”

Banks then moved that the board approve the supplemental increase of $10,800. Ingle seconded the motion. All board members voted in favor of the motion.

Upon some discussion about funding, Giles recommended that the board stick with the current budget and make an appropriation for the rescue squad, rather than amend the entire budget itself.