'Messiah' Is Alive, But Are We?

Published 2:35 pm Thursday, November 15, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

Around the world audiences are dwindling. Even in Farmville there are too many empty seats. My brother blames the iPod. Why go to a performance when with a flick of the finger you can get it right there?

The other night some heard an herculean wonderful effort by the Longwood music school to present a rare historic “ORFEO” – the first great opera. Half of the few who were there were busy with their little iPods.

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Standing in a long line to vote on Tuesday many were busy “talking” to the rest of our world.

Sitting in church my pew was full of teenagers playing a game.

Some there were thrilled with the excitement of live music. Some there were honored to vote and talk about it. Some love the reverence of the beauty and sound of the church.

Is it vital that we hold our iPods and are spoon-fed? Around here we really prefer fresh food but we are “nourished” by canned.

Please – Please – Please know that the “Messiah' is alive and well. But are we?

Norma Williams