Elect Robinson As PE Treasurer

Published 2:38 pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

My brother, Brock Robinson, is running for Treasurer in Prince Edward County on December 11th. He is a very responsible businessman and honest leader who has the best interest of this county and its citizens in his mind and heart. Brock has many new ideas and suggestions about how money in this county can be both saved and conservatively spent. My favorite idea of Brock's is paying taxes biannually. This will be so helpful to many of us!

Since my brother is a life-long resident of this county, he knows how things have been done and how things can be done differently. The economy today is very different than the economy of yesteryear. Priorities are different today than they were even as recently as last year. Brock is a hard-working, tax-paying citizen and he has the knowledge and common sense to help this county thrive if given the opportunity. He will be “our” voice, the people's voice. I hope you will join me on December 11th, in voting for the best candidate for this job – H.D. “Brock” Robinson, Jr.

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Angie Camp

Darlington Heights

Buffalo District