Vote For Romney, Allen And Hurt

Published 3:55 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

In President Obama's inaugural address in January 2009, he promised to create new jobs, and lay a foundation for growth. He promised to cut the national deficit; it is now sixty trillion dollars and growing. China is loaning the United States much of the money it needs to run the government. He promised to control illegal immigrants and to work with Congress on a whole host of other matter. The President has no real plan to get any of these goals done; yet he wants four more years. But we do have a choice.

Mitt Romney is a businessman who knows that people build businesses through hard work, because he has lived it. He accomplished a great deal while Governor of Massachusetts, although the Massachusetts legislature was eighty five percent Democrat and Mitt Romney was a Republican. The Democrats worked with Romney. On day one, Romney will put job creation first to get America working: to create jobs and grow the economy, which will help the middle class. He will approve the Keystone pipeline, creating many new jobs, which Obama has blocked, and he will stand up to China on trade, and demand that China play by the rules. Overall Romney can work with Congress and make progress on the nation's problems. He will put jobs first and focusing on the economy and the deficit. In a Romney presidency, he will settle for nothing less than getting America back on track.

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Therefore, on November 6, Election Day please get to the polls and vote Romney for President, George Allen for U.S. Senator, and Robert Hurt for U.S. Congressman. Allen and Hurt can work with Romney, and together they will get on with solving the nation's problems. Vote November 6.

Edward W. Early

Charlotte Court House