Reader Supports Romney For President

Published 3:27 pm Thursday, October 11, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

I'm really getting annoyed with the people who want to bash Mitt Romney and say he's out of touch with the common man because he's rich. George Romney, Mitt's father, came to this country, a poor immigrant like most all of our ancestors and his family spent many years in our welfare system until his father got on his feet and made something of himself.

How much do you think Obama will relate to us after receiving his presidential pension, perks, and book royalties? However, one valuable lesson for those of you who feel victimized is that a child born of an interracial couple, from opposite sides of the earth, with diametrically opposed ethnic values, can become the president of the USA.

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Medicare is broke but did you really listen to the reason why? Obama “funded” his Obamacare with $716,000,000 from Medicare? Did he ask us who, paid into Medicare, if he could take our money? Listen up, Mr. president, Medicare is not a discretionary fund!!! It is only for the use of those who paid into it from their life long earnings and so is Social Security.

Before you vote, compare Fox News with your everyday news programs. Check out their comments for the facts. Listen to people like Governor Mike Huckabee who has interviewed doctors who have explained how Obamacare will adversely affect their practices so that they will have to try another line of work. Contact Jay Sekulow at and listen to his comments about Mr. Obama.

On that Romney video about the 47% on welfare, I believe that Mr. Romney was meaning he didn't need to woo a percentage of those who are “career welfare”, a generational group who know no other way. Their grandparents and parents were on the welfare rolls and so they have followed suit. When the economy gets better, the ones who want to work will.

Mitt Romney has actual business experience, common sense, and Christian virtues. Remember voters, our country was founded on Biblical principles and has stood the test of time making us the greatest country in the world. If this was not important, the Middle East countries would be where we are now, living in peace and security and we'd be the ones killing off each other. That's the only difference between our countries.

If you still feel Christian values aren't important, you have my permission to move to one of those eastern countries from which the majority of immigrants are risking their lives to leave.

When Mitt Romney becomes president I would suggest that he start with cuts due to fraud in government purchases such as hundreds of dollars for a simple toilet seat, hammers and wrenches that I've heard about over the years. How about the astronomical rent the “government” is spending for collectible coins no one is interested in. What idiot is in charge of this fiasco? How can the government justify such a misuse of “our” money? How come someone hasn't been jailed for this type of fraud?

Even though my signature is on this letter, my husband and I are in unanimous agreement about what I've written here.

Michelle Yoder


(Editor's note: According to Politifact, the $716 billion from Medicare refers to Obamacare's reductions in Medicare spending over 10 years, primarily paid to insurers, drug manufacturers, and hospitals, but does not take money already allocated to Medicare away from current recipients)