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Reader Questions Obama's Decision

Editor, The Herald:

After reading Dr. Banton's letter in The Herald, I became angry when I learned that President Obama admitted to giving $1.5 Billion of our money to the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Our TV programs and newspapers are full of stories explaining that our citizens are having extremely difficult financial problems because of the loss of their jobs, loss of their cars by repossession, foreclosure of their homes, not being able to pay rent, increased local taxes, and so forth.

It seems logical to me that American families could connect Pres. Obama's $1.5 Billion funding of the Muslim Brotherhood to the killings of our Ambassador Stevens in Libya and many others people in Egypt, Tunisia, and other Middle East countries. Such use of our American money is “disgusting”.

I am a prolific reader of newspapers and news magazines like Newsweek, The Economist, and other credible sources of information. I am sure that this point is something Obama does not want people to remember or to discuss in his campaign.

Regarding Dr. Banton's description of Mr. Obama's desire to redistribute income from our workers to others as being a central part of Socialism, I looked up the definition of Socialism and Dr. Banton is absolutely correct. I have heard on the radio and television the recording of Mr. Obama saying that he favors and desires redistribution of wealth and income so that everyone can “have a fair shot.” To that I say, fair shot at what? There will be no way to get ahead because the government will take what you earn.

As a Democrat, President Obama is the recognized head of the Democrat Party in America… the man at the top. Because of his favoring Socialist ideas, then it seems to be obvious to me that he is a Socialist. My mother always said that a man's actions speak louder than words.

When my friends reminded me that several members of the Farmville Town Council and the Board of Supervisors for Prince Edward and Buckingham Counties are also members of the Democrat Party, I wondered, are they too Socialist in their ideas? Are they openly supporting President Obama and his Socialist ideas or are they in the closet, so to speak? If so, every Democrat Party candidate needs to be asked, “Are you a Socialist or Socialist Democrat?”

The supporter of the President Obama, a Democrat, for re-election needs to look into the eyes of their children tonight and have the guts to say: “I agree with Obama so much, I am willing to destroy your future and subject you to Socialism as an adult. In fact, I am willing to vote for President Obama because he supports a group from Egypt that hates you and our family for being American. I'm glad he is sending $1.5 Billion of American family money to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.”

If you think all of us face financial problems now, wait until we experience the disasters that will take place if he is re-elected.

Gary D. Bryant


(Editor's note: President Obama is following through on pledges of US foreign aid to the government of Egypt to bolster the transition to democracy following the Arab Spring overthrow of dictator Hosni Mubarak. The current president of Egypt, elected by the people, is Mohammed Morsi, who was a candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood)