Goochland Runs Over Cumberland

Published 4:26 pm Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Cumberland High School football team was taught a big lesson in its 62-14 loss to Goochland last Friday night.

If you can't stop a team, your only hope to win is for the other team not to be able to stop you.

That wasn't the case, as the Dukes, who moved the ball well in stretches, weren't able to put together anything sustained. Goochland, meanwhile, wasn't forced to punt the entire night. Those factors add up to a pretty easy conclusion.

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“At some point, you have to stop the other team from scoring,” said CHS head coach David Sullivan. “It's easier said than done. For where we are right now, Goochland is out of our league. The only problem is, they're in our league.”

The Bulldogs scored on their first possession. Cumberland moved the ball a little, before being forced to punt. Goochland scored again, and put the Dukes in a precarious position.

By halftime, the Bulldogs led 40-0. Cumberland tailback TJ Ford scored on a 45-yard run in the third quarter, but it was too late for any hopes of a rally against a running clock.

“When you get into a situation like that, you have to look for bring spots, and I can say that we had spots where we could move the ball, but when you can't stop them, there is not a lot you can do.

“We haven't lost anybody, and that's good. They're still working and are trying to get better week by week.”

The Dukes should have no trouble getting up for this week's opponent. Buckingham will host Cumberland in the “Battle of Route 60”.

“Even after a big loss, we haven't had a hard time getting them back and pointed toward this week's opponent,” said Sullivan of Buckingham. It won't get easier, but there is more of a focus. Maybe we'll catch them down, but I'm sure they'll be more angry than down.”