Boys State To H-SC?

Published 4:09 pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

HAMPDEN-SYDNEY – Longwood University has long been the home of Girls State, but there may soon be an addition to the Prince Edward County family.

Boys State.

Conceding that it is a little premature, nonetheless Hampden-Sydney College President Chris Howard announced at Prince Edward County's legislative luncheon Tuesday, “…We've got a pretty good chance of getting Boys State here next year. We're very close to getting Boys State on campus. And if we do, we'd have Girls State at Longwood, we'd have Boys State here at Hampden-Sydney. They'd run at the same time and so Farmville would indeed be the center of the Commonwealth-the center of citizenship, the center of service.”

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Girls State, according to the Girls State website, is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary in cooperation with civic clubs and school groups.

Longwood University has hosted Girls State for approximately 38 years. The Girls State website explains that it aims “to provide functional citizenship training for young women who are rising high school seniors.”

The program, it further details, spans a week and regularly attracts over 600 young ladies from across the state.

Virginia's highest elected state officials – Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General – typically visit during the June event and offer their insight into government.

Boys State, a similar American Legion Auxiliary program, is currently being held at Liberty University. Participants number close to 1,000, according to the Virginia Boys State website.