Accountability Results For Area Schools

Published 3:37 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012

All numbers listed are the percentage of students who passed the relevant SOL tests.

Schools can reach federal AMO targets three ways: by meeting the targeted pass rate with that year's test results, by meeting the targeted pass rate with the average of the previous three years or by increasing their pass rate by ten percent. The AMOs also take into account achievement in specific demographic subgroups, including three proficiency gap groups, which, according to the VDOE, have historically “had difficulty meeting the commonwealth's achievement standards.” High Schools must also reach certain objectives on the Federal Graduation Indicator.

Failure to meet AMO targets results in either an improvement plan being required or the designation of priority or focus school, which is based on a school's relative success in comparison to all other state schools. Priority schools are the five percent of Title I schools in Virginia with the lowest overall student achievement. Focus schools are the 10 percent of state Title I schools with the lowest achievement of students in the three gap groups. Priority and Focus schools are subject to state-approved and monitored school-improvement interventions. All school reports are available online at

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