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Raines Tavern News

Antioch United Methodist church on the Cumberland Charge celebrated its 132nd year with homecoming on Aug. 26. Worship was led by Rev. Todd Gess with Marjo Mullins as pianist. A bountiful fellowship lunch followed the service.

Paula E. Totten, co-chairman of the Church Board, recognized the oldest person present: Walter Stimpson. Walter celebrated his 94th birthday on Aug. 31. He and his family have had many years of connections with Antioch Church.

Marjo Mullins gave an update on the 2012 Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan's Purse) shoebox collection of items.

The youngest present was Macy Leigh Wright, born April 6 to Bob and Sandy Wright.

Rev. Todd Gess began on July 1 as pastor of the Cumberland Charge including the churches of Antioch, Centenary, Hobsons Chapel and Payne Memorial Formerly, he served in the Winchester area and took the Divinity Course of Studies at Duke University.

On the occasion of a fifth Sunday, one church on the Cumberland Charge serves as host to the other churches. Antioch was host on July 29 at Baldwin Lake. Guest speaker was Joe Varner, of the Farmville area. He is a graduate of Randolph Macon College in Ashland and is beginning his second year of seminary at Duke Divinity School. In the summer he has served as pastoral intern. His grandmother, Anne N. Varner, resides on Cooks Rd., as does his uncle Longest Varner and family, and other relatives.

Antioch's Bible School was held the week following Father's Day and included Centenary and the community. The theme was “Fruits of the Spirit from Big Hearts Farm where Fruits of the Spirit grow.” The Bible School closing was held during church service at the lake on June 24. A new member, Sommer Wood, was baptized that morning. A picnic lunch and recreation followed.

Faye B. Asal attended the annual homecoming at her home church of Ebenezer United Methodist at Valentines. Her sisters were also present, which made for a family reunion on the second Sunday of August.

Audrey Robinson joined with family and friends as Thomas Chapel United Methodist Church recognized its 165th year with homecoming on Aug. 19.

Martha Thompson attended the annual Herndon-Dowdy reunion on Aug. 19 at Bear Hall Lodge at Bear Creek Lake. She was accompanied by Brad, Linda T., and Aaron Long and Cindy T. and Andrew Clark. Many other close kin joined her at the gathering.

Ruth and Rose Easter, with Sarah E. and Brandon Dooley, recently visited Duane and Myra Easter, of Charleston, SC. Activities included a tour of a rare tea plantation and oceanfront events.

On July 29, Rebecca, Amanda and Chelsea Giles attended homecoming at St. John the Baptist Lutheran Church in Emporia. They enjoyed visiting in the former neighborhood of their mother and grandmother, the late Eleanor K. Welchlin.

Browns Presbyterian Church held homecoming on the fifth Sunday of July with Carroll Gillespie leading the service. The previous Sunday the church held an afternoon ice cream social to honor the recent graduates.

The annual Allen Reunion of the descendants of James Allen was held Aug. 5 at College Church, Hampden-Sydney. The line of Charles William Allen Sr., born in 1829, was represented by Doris Allen Mays and also by Lloyd and Stuart Robinson and Audrey Robinson. In early July Lloyd and Sherri S. Robinson, Stuart, Lanna and Suzanne Robinson were here for the once-every-five-year Kelsey Reunion centered at Appomattox. P.E. Church.

Building Trades

Good news for career-technical education in Cumberland County! Southside Virginia Community College is organizing a series of classes for senior students and adults that can lead to a career studies certificate in Construction Trades in one year (three semesters). Some financial aid may be available. The classes are planned for the Cumberland Community Center on two nights a week, beginning January 2013. For more information contact Dennis Smith at SVCC at (434) 736-2008 or email: dennis.smith@southside.edu.

A highlight of July for Grace Ownby was a visit from her grandson Jeremy and wife Crystal, of Charlottesville, bringing their three-week-old son, Levi Brayden Jones, Grace's great-grandson, for a Saturday afternoon visit.

A special summer activity for Diane C. Young was to help her granddaughter Violet, of Charleston, SC, celebrate her first birthday.

A grandmother's joy came to June A. Warriner as she and family attended Kaitlyn Warriner's graduation from Godwin High School.

Martha H. Thompson accompanied family members to her grandson Zachary Long's high school graduation held at VCU's Siegel Center.

Paul and Frances Asal have been adding up the years. This year marks their 66th anniversary; also an 86th birthday for Paul and an 87th birthday for Frances. They have been honored during the year with visits from their daughter Sylvia A. Higham, of Valdosta, GA, their grandson Victor Decker, of Florida, and their granddaughter Angie Kercher and family, of Monticello, FL.

Lynn Hill was hostess to the August meeting of the Antioch United Methodist Women. Joan Page led the program, “Walk with Holiness,” based on Psalms. Appreciation was received for a recent donation from Antioch Church to the Cumberland Food Bank.

Alice Higgins was hostess to the July meeting of the Antioch UWM. Faye Asal, president, led the program, “Tell the Story.” Plans are underway for Antioch Church's annual Fall Festival. This will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Individuals may set up a yard sale (no food) by reserving a free space with Paula E. Totten at (804) 514-7942 or email: paulatotten@rocketmail.com.

Just before the new school year began Chelsea Giles was honored with a sleepover to celebrate her 13th birthday. Chelsea had an active season with her youth softball team.

Several neighbors were recognized on the Herald's sport pages for outstanding activity with the youth softball and baseball games. They included: Melissa Wright, Mckensie Morris, Cal Smith, Jordan Smith, Tyler Morris, Matthew Wright, Tanner Morris, and Jason Cooke. Jason Cook is also in a group picture on page 6B of the Herald on Aug. 29. This group received National Physical Fitness awards for the past school year at Cumberland elementary School.