PE Schools Need New Football Complex

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

I had the opportunity to visit Fluvanna County High School and the brand new football complex. I must say that it is something special. I can see that any young athlete would almost feel as if he was playing for a professional team if he played on that field. This complex is a true example of the board of supervisors and the school board working together to make sure that the young people of Fluvanna County would have a facility that they are proud of and one that surely gives them a great sense of pride.

I encourage the board of supervisors and the school board of Prince Edward County to visit surrounding area schools just to see how much they have improved their schools and their athletic facilities over the past years. After visiting these schools please come to Prince Edward High School and take a look at what our young athletes are still playing on and how this school is so far behind everyone else in this area.

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It appears to me that there is no interest in the athletes having a playing field that is safe, something to be proud and engaging enough to make fans want to attend the games. I do not believe that the school board and the board of supervisors really understand how important improving this facility is to the student athletes. Student athletes are motivated by a variety of interest and I can believe that having a great school and a great athletic facility would increase participation, generate additional revenue and additional support from the community. The students and student athletes need an athletic facility that they can be proud of.

If members of the board of supervisor, as well as the members of the school board, do not attend any of the football games or any athletic events at Prince Edward maybe they just cannot understand how sitting on concrete or having to stand for an entire game is not to pleasant. There is only one safe entrance and one safe exit to and from the field. The lighting is very poor and the actual playing area needs to be improved.

I do encourage these two boards to work together to give the student athletes a facility to be proud of and one that these two boards are proud of as well.

Lonnie Smith