Treasurer To Retire In PE

Published 3:43 pm Thursday, August 30, 2012

PRINCE EDWARD – County Treasurer Mable H. Shanaberger has announced plans to retire at the end of the year.

Mrs. Shanaberger, who met with The Herald Thursday morning, confirmed it's because of health concerns, including voice issues.

While she has struggled with this for some time hoping to get better, she also confirmed, things haven't played out like she had hoped.

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“I want to see the office through another tax year so…I don't want to leave…at this point and so that's why I chose December 31st,” Mrs. Shanaberger said, “and it'll get us through the tax time and give everybody a chance to catch their breath before they start into other billings and other things.”

She added that she felt it would be fairer to her employees, noting that they're just getting ready for the bills to go out. She also cited, in figuring the timing of her retirement, that the tax bill would have her name and she wouldn't be there to receive payment and answer questions.

“So that's another reason I chose to finish out the tax year,” she said.

Mrs. Shanaberger, who will be 73 in September, has sent a letter informing the board of supervisors, which is expected to be in time for the board's September 11 meeting. The board, within 15 days of the occurrence of the vacancy is to petition the circuit court to issue a writ of election to fill a vacancy.

Mrs. Shanaberger will complete her 21st year at the end-having been elected to her first term in 1991. Prior to her election, she worked in the Treasurer's office for 11 years, holding the position of chief deputy for eight years.

Elected for another four-year term last November, Mrs. Shanaberger offered to the voters who have supported her over the years: “I've appreciated their support at election time. I have appreciated working with them in the office, talking with them when I've had an opportunity to and I will miss them. There are…a lot that I feel like I've really become friends with.”

Mrs. Shanaberger said she had hoped to finish out her term.