Thoughts On November's Election

Published 3:50 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

Though it's been a while since I have weighed in on elections and candidates, I could not help but to do so for this year's November General Elections. Due to the importance of this election, I wanted to share with my fellow voters and Virginians some things that are often overlooked or over shadowed by the political rhetoric, which we are bombarded with every day.

First, one of the big issues is Social Security which most of the candidates claim can be fixed by only being concerned with those 55 and older; they fail to think of those on disability, including handicapped children. Medicare's fix is to cut benefits, making getting needed preventative, and serious health care more costly than it already is to the consumer. Last but not least the idea of privatization; it only makes me flashback a month or two to the J.P. Morgan Billion dollar loss, which Social Security could not handle.

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When I think of my vote I look at all these factors, as well as how well my representative communicates and represents those in his or her district. With Rep. Robert Hurt I got just what I voted against with Tom Perriello-someone who did not respond to the people they represent. Yet refreshingly enough John Wade Douglass seems to offer the representative I am use to and haven't had since Virgil Goode.

As for the Senate race, my hat's off to former Governor Tim Kaine. I believe he will represent everyone fairly, and openly.

Next of course would be the Presidential race, with Obama-Biden winning my support. I believe if given another term, bipartisan cooperation will come around and come up with solutions. I wish to remind my fellow voters that I did not vote for any of these candidates or their party predecessors; my vote has always been neutral and nonpartisan. I know that my vote counts and who we elect makes all the difference in the world about our future and that of our children. I do not want a candidate with deeply preconceived agenda(s) as our representative, yet one that will work for all the citizens of this country and this state to make our lives and our future better. I hope that you will do the same.

Kenneth W. Jackson

Prince Edward