President Added Fuel To The Fire

Published 3:05 pm Thursday, August 16, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

Reference your editorial of July 25, 2012, “You Didn't Build That; Neither Did I.”

I have studied President Obama's remarks in your editorial and in my opinion his remarks apply to “togetherness” in some instances and to an “individual” in some.

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“We, the people,” have been involved in our nation's infrastructure, roads, bridges, greatness, some by development, some by labor and some (mostly all) by taxes.

The opportunity of an education has played a tremendous part in all success. However there have been individuals who were not fortunate to get any education or a very limited amount.

I am old enough to have known a gentleman who only got a second grade education, worked on a farm and in a cotton mill until he was drafted into the Army in World War II. After basic training he was sent to Germany and his sergeant asked him if he knew how to cut hair and he said “no sir.” The sergeant advised him, “here are your tools, you can learn on your Army buddies.”

He learned on his own, cutting his Army buddies' hair until he was discharged. Upon returning home he opened a barber shop, established a business, and made adequate living to support himself, wife and six children over a thirty-year period.

The President' remark, “If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen,” is saying the gentleman didn't build that. I need you, since you are trying to “spin” the President's remarks, or the President to prove to me that the gentleman didn't build that.

I guess that if I start a business and it fails, I can say “somebody else made that happen.” It appears to me the president made a statement, realized it may raise some questions, tried to cover it, but added fuel to the fire.

Richard G. White