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Ward's Appointment To LU Board Heartily Welcomed

Governor Bob McDonnell chose wisely when he selected Lacy Ward, Jr., to serve on Longwood University's Board of Visitors.

As the debacle at the University of Virginia vividly demonstrated, Boards of Visitors wield much power on campus and it is imperative that their members work together, and transparently, as a team with administration and faculty to advance agreed upon goals. Mr. Ward, Executive Director of Robert Russa Moton Museum, will contribute to sustaining attention to that goal and continue the fine record of LU's governing body.

Because of Longwood's central place geographically in the Town of Farmville, and its central role in the local economy, the university's impact is also keenly felt off campus. Mr. Ward, who joins Farmville physician and Town Council member Dr. Edward I. Gordon on the Board of Visitors, will enhance the university's already-demonstrated sensitivity to that impact.

Mr. Ward's position with the Moton Museum, and the museum's position as a next door neighbor to Longwood University, only increases the level of confidence felt here that LU will continue to embrace the Cormier Doctrine against seizing property, through forced sale via the state's power of eminent domain, of property next to the campus.

Longwood University and the community will benefit from Mr. Ward's addition to the Board of Visitors.