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Gearing Up For Food Day

Editor, The Herald:

I hope the summer has been healthy and fun-filled for you and yours! My desire in this letter is to share the vision of Food Day Farmville 2012 that has started taking shape. Our first celebration last year was a success and this one will be even better. And we'd love to include you! The intention of the Holistic Moms Network Southside Virginia chapter is to include as many entities as possible – schools, civic organizations, churches, non-profits, local businesses, every family! Food Day celebrates real food, how it's grown, those in need of food, our health, the planet, raising our awareness about fueling ourselves on all levels.

Officially Food Day is the 24th of October and our local celebration will be on Sunday, October 21, from 1-5 p.m. at the Farmville Area Farmer's Market. An extended community-wide series of celebrations will hopefully serve as drumbeats up to the big Sunday celebration and help everyone take all of the education and entertainment home with them for the official day on Wednesday. Visit www.foodday.org for more info; their website will be updating with more resources soon. I am writing now to ask you to think how you could be involved: your place of business, your group, your church, your family. The more we work together the more good things we can make happen, for ourselves and our community. Give some thought as to how you can help raise awareness about eating real. Please let me know if I can count you in: 804-307-9608.

Allison Crews