Carrington's Duets Experience Over?

Published 4:31 pm Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FARMVILLE – Bridget Carrington made it all the way to the final four but her run on ABC's Duets apparently ended Thursday night, one show shy of the final broadcast.

Her family and friends, however, are going to be watching this week because Carrington has been asked to remain in Hollywood for the finale and they may get a chance to catch a glimpse of her one more time.

And they are staying tuned to her blossoming career.

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For the second week in a row the 1995 Prince Edward County High School graduate and daughter of Mickie and Perry Carrington, of Farmville, was called out to center stage, where she stood waiting to learn if she, or her fellow competitor, had received the dreaded lowest vote total from the previous week's telecast.

The two amateur singers with the lowest vote total stand, waiting during long seconds for the show's host, Quddus, to announce who was staying to sing another day and who was going home.

Duets debuted this summer, bringing eight amateur singers who had passed an audition process, and pairing two each with one of four superstar partners/mentors with whom they would perform duets. Ms. Carrington was paired with Grammy-winner, John Legend.

“It's been so much fun working with Bridget,” Legend said during Thursday's live telecast. “From the first time I saw her on YouTube and looked at her video clip I really felt like she belonged on this show and I'm glad I got a chance to sing with her.”

There are three singers left and one live broadcast remaining.

“I am very proud of Bridget to have made it this far,” her mother said Monday. “She and I have both talked about it, more than once, that she may be voted off when the voting started. We felt pretty sure about her as long as the stars were judging. But once the voting began we knew America would vote for their favorite and it looks as though they had a different favorite.”

Mickie Carrington said Bridget's family and friends had “just been tremendous in pouring out the support for her but it just wasn't enough.

“But she's fine,” Mickie said of her daughter. “She realizes this is not the end of her career. Well, we are claiming that anyway.”

The Carrington family is positive and optimistic about Bridget's future.

“We're just waiting and expecting bigger and better things for her,” she said.

Sitting down on Thursday nights with her husband, Perry, and family members and friends to watch Bridget sing on national television was an unforgettable experience.

Did Mickie ever imagine that might happen some day?

“I can't say yes or no. I knew Bridget had the stamina to move forward. She never gives up. I held her back as a young lady,” Mickie said, “because I didn't want her leaving home or going across the country like she's done. But now that she's an adult I feel more secure…that she's older, smarter and wiser. So I feel like she can take better care of herself. I don't worry quite as much. I still get…teary-eyed when she leaves home. When I say, I mean her apartment in Richmond. And I do think a lot about her while she's out in California, without family or friends being with her but I pray and just know that God's going to take care of her.”

Mickie doesn't think she has viewed her daughter on television for the last time.

“No, I'm expecting to see her on TV again, many times,” she said.

Mickie will be watching Duets this Thursday night at 8 p.m.

“I will. I'll watch because she may or may not be attending. She's still in California. And she said she will not be coming home until the finale, after the finale. So she may or may not be seen on the show,” Mickie said. “If she's there and in the audience, or still sitting next to John Legend, I can at least see her face.

“She's not coming home until Friday or Saturday, so they're keeping her there for a reason,” Bridget's mother reasoned.

“We'll know the reason.”