Cumberland Budget

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CUMBERLAND – The County's amended budget for the upcoming 2012-2013 fiscal year was appropriated during the Board of Supervisors June 12 meeting.

The budget, which underwent last-minute reductions before adoption in May, was approved on a split-vote earlier by Supervisors and, last week, still received opposition during the final appropriation request.

However, as printed in The Herald last week, the amended budget did include the restoration of funds for the Piedmont Area Transit bus service to Cumberland residents.

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County Administrator Vivian Giles requested that the budget be appropriated during the meeting so that it would be in its final form and effective by July 1.

Supervisor Kevin Ingle, District Three, made the motion to appropriate the amended budget.

The appropriation includes $11,846,500 revenue from local sources, which includes $8,414,500 from general property taxes. The total general fund revenue totals $13,814,967.

General fund expenditures total $13,814,967. The school operating fund includes $3,619,049 from the local government $8,127,424 from the state and $1,848,516 from the federal government. The total is $13,814,481.

Of the general fund expenditures: general government administration is $1,310,642; judicial administration is $367,856; public safety is $2,018,605; public works is $1,294,283; health is $144,960; education is $36,620; parks and recreation is $192,746; community development is $439,478; and non-departmental expenditures is $20,000. The County's debt service fund totals $3,828,863.

The motion to appropriate the amended budget received three votes in favor: Supervisors Lloyd Banks District Two; Ingle, and Chairman David Meinhard, District Four.

Supervisor Bill Osl, District One, voted in opposition of the appropriation. He also voted in opposition of the adoption of the budget earlier in the budget process when the list of reductions was presented in May.

Supervisor Parker Wheeler, District Five, was not in attendance for the meeting.